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Complete Kits

Everything Included to start growing

Our Complete Grow Kits include everything you need to start growing! They are simple and easy to use, We have included everything you need to get growing. All our kits include only the bare essentials with no unnecessary extras. We also provide a video for each kit to show you exactly what to do with them, all you have to do is work out which one is best for you!!

Basic Grow Kits

Suitable for beginners    Everything Included    Easy to Set-up    Essentials Only   

Basic Pot Kit

Low cost and simple - the ideal starter kit

£129.99  SAVE 30%
Grows 2 Plants!!
Basic Auto Pot Kit

No pumps, electricity or timers! Automatically feeds 2 plants!!

£149.99  SAVE 35%
Grows 2 Plants!!
Basic NFT Kit
High yielding hydroponics - the ideal hydroponic Starter Kit
£179.99  SAVE 35%
Grows 4-8 Plants!!

Professional Grow Kits

Canna Nutrients Included    Medium to Large Grows    600W Lighting    Essentials Only   

Pro Pot Kit

Grow more
More light, Canna Nutrients, more plants

£159.99  SAVE 25%
Grows 4 Plants!!
Pro Auto Pot Kit

Self Feeding 4 Plant Grow
More Light, Canna Nutrients

£199.99  SAVE 15%
Grows 4 Plants!!
Pro NFT Kit

Suitable for large grows!, More Light, Canna Hydroponic Nutrients

£274.99  SAVE 20%
Grows 8-16 Plants!!

Tent Grow Kits

Self-Contained Grow    Canna Nutrients Included    Medium to Large Grows   

Tent Pot Kit

Self Contained Pot Grow

£219.99  SAVE 45%
Grows 4 Plants!!
Tent Auto Pot Kit

Create the ideal controlled environment for you plants!

£249.99  SAVE 30%
Grows 4 Plants!!
Tent NFT Kit

Self containted environment, Full access to your NFT from 3 sides of the tent!

£419.99  SAVE 20%
Grows 8-16 Plants!!

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