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Lumatek Digital lighting kit Lumatek Digital lighting kit

This is the top end starter kit witch allows the grower to experience the benefits that a professional digital lighting can give. The closest simulation to the sun itself....

PowerPlant Hobby PowerPlant Hobby

All are complete systems. Hobby reflectors with PowerPlant HOBBY Ballast are hard wired for safety with 4m cables to reflector....

Sun Mate Grow  CFL closed reflector Sun Mate Grow CFL closed reflector

Brings together all the benefits of a closed dual parabolic design with the CFL closed reflector. Energy saving qualities of compact fluorescent lighting. Supplied with 4m power lead and plug....

2 Socket Controller 2 Socket Controller

Probably one of the most cost efficient surge protectors available , and keeps your lights, pumps etc running....
4 Socket Contactor 4 Socket Contactor

6 Socket Analogue Timer 6 Socket Analogue Timer

Easy set up 6 sockets analogue timer, with upto 24 on and off setting every 168 in one week week....
8 Socket Digital Timer 8 Socket Digital Timer

This 8 socket Digital timer is probably one of the most reliable hydroponics timers available, featuring Full 26 amp load capacity with 8 socket outputs...
Autogrow IntelliDose Autogrow IntelliDose

This hydroponic doser sets a new benchmark in the small dosing controller market. The IntelliDose is absolutely feature packed to enable it to cope with just about any hydroponic system....
Biax 110W Biax 110W

Budget Hobby Light Systems Super reliable and excellent value...
Biax 220W Biax 220W

The Biax 220 is features 4 55W bulbs and is recommend for good all round plant production....
Cool Shade  Complete Kit Cool Shade Complete Kit

The Cool Shade's innovative design allows you to actively blow or extract air through the reflector and over your lamp - thus taking the heat away before it can raise the temperature in your grow room....

Diamond Shade  Complete Kit Diamond Shade Complete Kit

The Diamond Shade has been specifically engineered to reflect all usable light down towards your plants with total uniformity.Complete Kit.You get a ballast bulb and Diamond this kit The...

Double CFL Complete Unit Double CFL Complete Unit

We believe our Compact Fluorescent Lamp Unit is a Genuine alternative to traditional HID lighting without all the associated running costs!...

Eazi Roll Light Hanger (Pair) Eazi Roll Light Hanger (Pair)

To make lights go up and down. Very easy to use. A very good buy, makes life easy!...
EnviroGrow CF lamps EnviroGrow CF lamps

Self ballasted energy saving grow lamps We are pleased to offer a range of self ballasted compact fluorescent lighting that offers growers the choice of low energy growing where heat or cost is a...

Led 45w growth and bloom panel Led 45w growth and bloom panel

Hear we have the latest in LED technology Led 45w growth and bloom panel Power: 1500 lumen, 45 watt, integrated ballast. Spectrum: AGRO, 24 blue LED 470nm, 88 red LED 645nm Uses: 0,25 square meter, growth and bloom. Totally cold light....
Light Mover with Rail Light Mover with Rail

The Light Rail moves the reflector back and fourth over a maximum of 1.8 M span. Enables the grower to use less lights in a given area, but also improves light penetration!...
Motor Only Motor Only

Please note - This is for the motor only, NOT inc rail....
Power Mover Kit 2 Power Mover Kit 2

1 x motor & 1 x rail...
Power Mover Kit 3 Power Mover Kit 3

1 x motor, 2 x rail, 1 x jockey wheel, 1 x push rod & 1 x hex bolt...
Power Mover Kit 4 Power Mover Kit 4

1 x motor, 2 x rail, 1 x jockey wheel, 1 x push rod & 2 cross bars...
PowerPlant LiteCheck Meter PowerPlant LiteCheck Meter

Lack of adequate light is a common cause of plants turning yellow and having poor growth. Supplementary electrical lighting is the easiest way to provide enough light for your plants. As artificial lighting will degrade in intensity with time....
Sun Mate Propagate Sun Mate Propagate

This compact highly reflective unit is made from mirrored aluminium for maximum reflectivity. The 2 x 55w Cool white (6400K) Compact Fluorescent lamps produce 3970 lumens each....

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